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Trailer Ideas For A Rainy Day

September 20th, 2017

Trailer camping is a great way to explore the world and show the kids what life is like on the road and away from civilization. However, sometimes things don't work out quite how you expected and the weather gets in the way of all the outdoor activities you've planned for you and your family. That's okay, don't panic! As long as you've planned ahead, you should have plenty of things to do inside your trailer white the weather clears up.

Board games

Sure, board games aren't for everyone, but there are so many out there nowadays that you'd be remiss not to find at least one that you like. Try searching online for stores that just sell board games and tabletop games and you're sure to find something that you like. Risk and Monopoly are two great games that will take hours and hours, and you'll have a blast playing them with your friends or family!

Use rain cover

If your trailer has a pull-out rain cover or if you brought a tent or tarp you can relax out in the rain and enjoy the sights and smells. This would be my preferred way to spend a rainy day because sometimes being outside when it's rainy can be relaxing and you'll have all your trailer's appliances nearby for convenience. Just make sure to layer up if it's cold out!

Read a book

There's no better time to read a book than on a rainy day. Whether you're laying in bed or sitting outside under rain cover, books are a great way to pass the time on the road.

Get some work done

If you live out of a trailer or you just have the ability to work remotely, rainy days can be the best time to get a lot of work done! It's tough trying to focus on work when you see how sunny and beautiful it is out, so you should take advantage of these opportunities. Besides, some people find that working while it's rainy is a lot less stressful, allowing you to be more productive.

If none of these options suit you, there's always the option to put on a rain poncho and play in the rain. There's no shame in that!

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