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Ron Russell is an experienced RV industry veteran of Titan International, manufacturers of Titan trailer disc brakes and Brakerite electric over hydraulic actuators.

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Performance Trailer Braking helps you hit the road safely with electric over hydraulic trailer disc brake conversion kits from Titan and Dexter Axles, installation, and expert technical support.

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Independent tests prove that hydraulic disc brakes will help you stop your trailer faster and safer.

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Stop Faster & Safer

Canadian Standards Tests show the Titan Disc Brake system stopping a 15,500 lb. trailer needs only 179 feet, using trailer brakes only with no truck brakes applied. This is a 100 feet shorter stopping distance than using truck and electric trailer brakes!


  1. You’ll never go back!

    Let’s put it this way: Once you have Disc Brakes you'll never go back to Drums.…Read More

    mhs4771 (IRV2 Forum Member)
  2. Titan has a very quality product they are selling.

    Today I had Ron AKA Titan Guy install a new set of Titan Hydraulic Disk Brakes on my trailer...Titan has a very quality product they are selling. Their hydraulic system puts out more pressure than all…Read More

    Shane Wood (IRV2 Forum Member)
  3. Disk Brakes Rock!

    Disk Brakes Rock! I just converted to disk brakes, using the Titan Performance Trailer Brakes. Whoa Nellie, do they stop smoother and quicker.…Read More

    Jay Six, Arlington, Tx.
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