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Here's just a few examples of customers sharing their positive experiences!

"I have renewed confidence"

Mike, Just wanted to thank you for the kit and all the help and advice throughout the install. We are loading up for our second trip since completing the disk brakes and they work flawlessly! ...I have renewed confidence while towing about 15K trailer down the road!

Dirk Geib

Yucaipa, CA

"Thank you for making this happen"

Preston and Alyssa did a fantastic job, very professional couple and a great representative for Performance Trailer Braking. Thank you for making this happen. 💯

Pam Falks

Georgetown, TX

"Wow, what a difference!"

Just finished having Disc Brakes installed yesterday by "Bill" the installer for Performance Brakes. Wow, what a difference! After completing yesterday we left on a 175 mile test journey. Drove two lane twists, small towns, and freeway. The braking ability is much more than I expected. During my test ride with installer he had me do a hard brake situation going about 25 mph and we came to a stop in about half the distance of my old brakes. These brakes give you a lot of comfort when driving knowing I can stop quickly if needed. Interestingly, the old brakes which we took off only had about 8k miles on them and the pads were half worn and the eltromagnets were badly worn on two of the wheels. Granted we do more two lane twisty road driving than freeway driving. Bill the installer was very meticulous about his work and in addition found some wires that weren't crimp right (not related to brakes) and fixed them without saying anything until he was done. I would recommend him without any hesitation for Brakes and suspension work. I will report back if there's any change after our 175 mile trip home tomorrow.

Dave Lannoy

NROA Forum Member

"Fantastic to work with"

I just wanted to send you a message saying how fantastic your disc brake conversion is and works. We had done a small local trip with the brakes installed in May which they worked great. Yesterday we did a 400 mile trip down the east coast and it totally made a huge worrying about having to stop in a hurry if needed! Which did happen on the New Jersey Turnpike, night and day difference! Thanks again for all the help with getting us new springs and equalizers as well. All is in good shape now!<br /><br />You folks are fantastic to work with and your products you sell are fantastic as well!

Nick Schoellig

"The whole experience was exceptional"

Today John and Barbara came to our home in Virginia and installed the disk brake system. It was an exceptional installation. The equipment is very high quality. John and Barbara are a terrific team. They showed up on time, went right to work, and displayed why their experience and expertise has made them the best. John and I took our truck and camper for a test/adjustment drive to ensure all was well and adjusted. The whole experience was exceptional. Feel free to use me as a reference for Performance Braking and their ace installers.

William DeCoste