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Here's just a few examples of customers sharing their positive experiences!

"I have renewed confidence"

Mike, Just wanted to thank you for the kit and all the help and advice throughout the install. We are loading up for our second trip since completing the disk brakes and they work flawlessly! ...I have renewed confidence while towing about 15K trailer down the road!

Dirk Geib

Yucaipa, CA

"Thank you for making this happen"

Preston and Alyssa did a fantastic job, very professional couple and a great representative for Performance Trailer Braking. Thank you for making this happen. ?

Pam Falks

Georgetown, TX

"Wow, what a difference!"

Just finished having Disc Brakes installed yesterday by "Bill" the installer for Performance Brakes. Wow, what a difference! After completing yesterday we left on a 175 mile test journey. Drove two lane twists, small towns, and freeway. The braking ability is much more than I expected. During my test ride with installer he had me do a hard brake situation going about 25 mph and we came to a stop in about half the distance of my old brakes. These brakes give you a lot of comfort when driving knowing I can stop quickly if needed. Interestingly, the old brakes which we took off only had about 8k miles on them and the pads were half worn and the electromagnets were badly worn on two of the wheels. Granted we do more two lane twisty road driving than freeway driving. Bill the installer was very meticulous about his work and in addition found some wires that weren't crimp right (not related to brakes) and fixed them without saying anything until he was done. I would recommend him without any hesitation for Brakes and suspension work. I will report back if there's any change after our 175 mile trip home tomorrow.

Dave Lannoy

NROA Forum Member

"Fantastic to work with"

I just wanted to send you a message saying how fantastic your disc brake conversion is and works. We had done a small local trip with the brakes installed in May which they worked great. Yesterday we did a 400 mile trip down the east coast and it totally made a huge worrying about having to stop in a hurry if needed! Which did happen on the New Jersey Turnpike, night and day difference! Thanks again for all the help with getting us new springs and equalizers as well. All is in good shape now!

You folks are fantastic to work with and your products you sell are fantastic as well!

Nick Schoellig

"The whole experience was exceptional"

Today John and Barbara came to our home in Virginia and installed the disk brake system. It was an exceptional installation. The equipment is very high quality. John and Barbara are a terrific team. They showed up on time, went right to work, and displayed why their experience and expertise has made them the best. John and I took our truck and camper for a test/adjustment drive to ensure all was well and adjusted. The whole experience was exceptional.

Feel free to use me as a reference for Performance Braking and their ace installers.

William DeCoste

"We are happy campers"

Thank you for the professional installation of my new disk brakes. Preston installed them on 12/30/2019 and the next day traveling thru Dallas/Fort Worth we had three occasions to stop quickly with confidence on 35W. We pull 15,000 miles a year thru mountains and flats. I now relax behind the wheel pulling our 40 ft 16,000 lb 5th wheel. We are happy campers, Dump those drum brakes for disk brakes. Thank you to your entire team in Norman, OK. My old drum brakes always felt like the trailer was pushing the truck when I stopped. Now I feel like the trailer and truck stop together with no feeling of being pushed. You have to remind yourself the trailer is still back there.

Gil and Sandy Palmer

"Highly recommend all of them"

We had Performance Trailer Braking install the Road Master 8k Comfort Ride Slipper Spring Suspension, disc brakes and a Moryde Pin box. Very nice upgrade. Kelly and Michael are true professionals!! They answered ALL my questions and there were many. Great working with them! I can't say enough good about Preston and Alyssa and how knowledgeable they are about what they do. We felt very comfortable with them. Did all the work in 1 long day. I would with out a doubt highly recommend all of them to anyone and everyone.

Bob and Leanne

"Nothing but praise"

I wish to thank the entire PTB team for their professional service. From the initial set up of parts needed, ordering and shipping and finally the installation yesterday by Josh and Heather, I have nothing but praise for Performance Trailer Braking. Thank you for living up to your superb reputation.

Dave Walker

"The brakes really work!"

Just a thank you -- shout out: the brakes really work!...On the trip north, we got into a situation that required me to perform an emergency stop. Boy, did those brakes stop. Literally locked up the wheels on the RV. Tires were actually smoking from skid-burned rubber. I'm pretty sure if I still had the electric drum brakes, I would have rear-ended someone. Thanks for a great system and an great installation.

Steve Andrews

"...Recommend Performance Trailer Braking"

I just wanted to tell you the brakes are all installed and tested. They work great and I am very happy with them. Also I want to commend John and Barbara. They were a very professional install team. They knew what they were doing and knew the product perfectly.. They were very friendly and answered all my questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in putting on these brakes. Thanks for your great service, if anyone asks me about brakes I will gladly recommend Performance trailer braking for the job.

Richard M


"Truly one of a kind amazing people!!!!"

Hi Kelly,
I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all your help getting this done but most importantly I wanted to really thank you for setting us up with John & Barbara for the install.
Professional, polite, fun, knowledgeable and just simply decent people doesn’t even to begin to describe them. Your company is truly blessed to have them!! What an amazing team they are.
They both explained every step of the way what was going on, explained every part being used and it’s purpose. We left for a couple hours during the install and our campground neighbor was totally impressed that even while we were not there they kept working and never missed a beat!!!
After the install was complete John & Barbara hung around for a while going over everything and making sure I had no questions. I’ll be honest.. I’m not the most mechanical person and John made sure I understood everything and the proper way to maintain it as well as making sure I had all their contact information if I ever needed anything or had a problem or questions!!
Truly one of a kind amazing people!

Don & Gayle Huggans

Weymouth, MA

"Second to None...."

Josh and Heather arrived on time and after we introduced ourselves to each other they got right to work

They are a great team working together seamlessly and in sync with each others needs

Their professionalism was second to none and gave me some tips to help with the CRE 3000

We also talked about the cross member for me and I will be doing that hopefully this fall or early next spring

Again, Josh and Heather are FIRST CLASS!!!


Brett T

Vancouver, WA

"Quick & Efficient"

You guys rock!! Installed all new suspension and brakes and couldn’t be happier! I pulled it last night and it is night and day.

Thank you for the quick ship and efficient transaction.

Darrin H.

Roanoke, TX

"Very impressed with the new disk brakes"

Wow! Josh and Heather finished little after noon today. Heather and I test drove my TV with the trailer in tow and I am definitely very impressed with the new disk brakes. I love them and am anxious to get a full test in on the highway. I am sure I will love them. And I cannot say enough about Josh and Heather - they were total professionals and were attentive to every detail. I would have NO question about recommending their services to anyone!. Thanks for using them!

Joel Heiney

Casper, WY

"After the Sale..."

Hi Michael,

I would like to thank-you for all the assistance that I received after the sale of the brake conversion Kits. The brakes are working great.

Gordon R

Dansville, NY

"Great installation job"


Just wanted to give you some positive feedback. I'm pleased with how the disc brakes have been working. They have a smoother engagement feel compared to the old ones. I haven't experienced any trailer brake error messages, which is really great. I haven't had to make any panic stops yet, so can’t comment on that. I've put about 1200 miles on the trailer since getting the disc brakes.

Thanks again for the great installation job.

Paul H.


"Thanks again for the great experience!"


It has been an awesome experience thanks to you, Michael, Preston and Alyssa. After finishing a conference call about 10:00 AM this morning, I hooked up the RV and pulled it on a 60 mile round trip just to check it out. WOW! Huge improvement in ride and the brakes are phenomenal! We have our first trip with the new setup next week. Looking forward to that more than ever!

I never shared the following story. My neighbor at the storage facility installed disc brakes on his Grand Design toy hauler. He recommended a company in Weatherford, Texas. I made three attempts to set up an appointment over the last 5 months. Each time something on their end came up that changed that, or they were incomplete in details requested.

This is when I went to Utube and discovered Performance Braking. I was shocked and very pleased when I found out that your installers come to us. The other company required two days with the RV after I delivered it. I was even more shocked to find a company that responds to questions after hours like Michael did, even when it was my mistake that led to that need.

Thanks again for the great experience! I will not hesitate to share that experience with others when the opportunity presents itself.

Wayne A.

Highland Village, TX

"Love the Brakes!"

Love the brakes by the way. Easy install and after about 5 months of use these are worth every penny.

Ben G

Columbia, MD

"Thank you all"

Just wanted to give a shout out to the installation team that works through your company, Josh and Heather Shrader. They installed my brake kit today on my 5th wheel trailer. They were both very professional, they both took time to explain what they were doing and invited me to ask any questions that I might have. Their work was done in a timely manner and when they were done their work area was left clean and all old parts were placed in one spot with all cardboard for easy disposal. It was a real pleasure to have met them both. And by the way, the new disc brakes are awesome! Thank you all.

Michael B.

Merced, CA

"...Promptly and was professionally done."

Josh and Heather were outstanding. The job was completed promptly and was professionally done. The routing of the lines was better than OEM quality. I am a very picky person when it comes to who works on my equipment and I do not give praise without good reason. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a new braking system.

Thanks to everyone at your organization for a very smooth transaction and install.

Dave O.

Alameda, CA

"Simply Amazing"

My wife and I would like to thank you for your time and effort to get your product installed on our 5th wheel RV. The difference the disc brakes make is simply amazing. In addition to expressing my appreciation to Performance Trailer Braking, I need to thank you for linking me up with Dennis Hageman, Sonchaser RV, to do the installation. He made the process simple and our time at his place was wonderful. To be able to park the rig and stay there while he worked his “magic” is not typical.

Glenn S.



Now that we’re back on the road, we’re able to experience the results of our upgrade. The only word I can think of to describe the difference is “unbelievable”. The stopping power in the new disc brakes is so much better that it takes the stress out of pulling the RV. When I apply the brakes now it’s almost as if I didn’t have the trailer behind me. I also feel much more confident with the upgraded suspension components.

I also can’t say enough about Barbara and John Alinger, our installers. They we’re so friendly and hard working. They had the upgrade done at the rally in about 4 hours then took a test ride with us when we were leaving to be sure everything was working well. They are great ambassadors for your company and products.

Bernie N.

Manchester, CT

"Installed to my expectations"

Dennis Hageman installed the disc brakes and suspension system yesterday.

We tested the brakes out and they are fantastic.

Dennis installed the system quickly and to my expectations. He even got the weather here to be perfect for such a project. :) He was patient to explain how things worked and how things worked with my pickup.

Verl S.

Rexburg, ID

"Not a drop was spilled!"

We’ve traveled 4,000 miles since we had the Morryde 4000 installed and love them. Yesterday while traveling from Nashville to Memphis we discovered that my wife left a half a cup of coffee in the microwave! Not a drop was spilled!

Mike G

Hot Springs, AR


Just a quick note to share some final feedback. I completed the installation with no incidents and I only had to place one phone call to address an actuator wiring question. That question was handled effortlessly, professionally, and left me with a crystal clear understanding of how to proceed. I took the camper out for a 60 mile test drive 2 days ago and it went flawlessly. The only negative I came away with was the burning question “WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS YEARS AGO?!?!?!?!!!”. This setup is a game changer and if I knew then what I know now I would have done the conversion on a brand new camper before even taking it out on its maiden voyage.

You folks put together a very nice and concise kit package and the directions are quite straightforward. The technical call is a wonderful safety net, just in case. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase decision and I will recommend you folks to anyone with even a mild interest. I look forward to years of highly effective braking from my rig, thanks to your superb kit.

Mike H

Mineral Bluff, GA

"What a Difference the Disc Brakes Make"

I finished my installation yesterday and what a difference the disc brakes make. The kit included everything I needed and between the written instructions, the video and one phone call the installation went very smooth. I will never own another camper without disc brakes. Thank you for all your help and have a Merry Christmas.

David Irvine

Ashland, KY

"Wonderful Experience"

THANK YOU to you and everyone at Performance Braking, once again you all have gone above and beyond!

Dennis just completed the moving of the brake lines, as a testament to his skills and ability everyone here at the rally has spoken with the highest regard for your product and his service.

I will share my wonderful experience with anyone interested in these upgrades.

Patrick Gould

Livingston, TX

"Awesome Job"

BUBBA DID AN AWESOME JOB!!! Could not be happier.

Donnie Burkett

Fredrick, MD

"Nothing But Glowing Posts About This Company"

Upgraded our Solitude at Performance Trailor Braking. Dennis in Cochise, AZ did an amazing job! Shared a lot of knowledge, very responsive and just a very nice guy. 8k axles, 4k Slipper springs, disc brakes, comfort ride shocks, and crossbeams. I no longer worry that our weight is “right on the edge”. I now see why I’ve heard nothing but glowing posts about this company and this upgrade! They are also at many rallies. Thank you Dennis!

Jim Skelnik

Box Elder, SD

"I can’t say enough good things"

I can’t say enough good things about the people at Performance Trailer Braking out of Norman, OK. (405-626-7009) They shipped all the parts to us ahead of time, stuck to their price quotes, and got it all installed in one day. Alyssa Bateman did all the coordinating. Preston Wilmoth, the installation. His assistant was a no-show, so instead of a 5 1/2 hour day, he worked 10 hours straight. Before leaving at almost 10pm, Preston tested the brake pump and electrical connections, went over how everything works with us, and explained all the warranties. Usually he would go with the customer on a test drive, but we weren’t keen on doing that at that late hour! The next morning we looked under our rig and it was like he was never there — no grease spills, metal shavings, nothing. He took all the boxes and old parts away as well.

Joe H

Galveston, TX

"Excellent and efficient installation"

Dennis installed 8k axles and disc brakes on our Montana this March while we were in the desert. He did an excellent and efficient installation. He was completed in about 6 hours and left my site perfectly cleaned up. He does great work.

Todd B

Fulltime RVer

"Attention to detail and professional manner"

I attended one of Dennis' seminars at a Grand Design rally. There were so many in attendance that had an excellent personal experience with Dennis' work that I was immediately comfortable with his recommendations.

I was so convinced that he was the only one I wanted to do my suspension upgrade that I towed my rig all the way from CA to UT so we could catch him.

Yesterday, Dennis installed Slipper Springs on my 2022 Grand Design Solitude 310GK-R. His attention to detail and professional manner was the best I have experienced.

To make it even better, Dennis is just a nice guy to do business with. I highly recommend his services.

David C


"Professionalism, thoroughness, & mechanical skills"

I wanted to pass along to you all how happy I was with Preston's professionalism, thoroughness, and mechanical skills. He performed the work and was very accommodating.

William Bonta

Tebbetts, MO

"Dennis Knows His Stuff!"

Dennis knows his stuff! We connected through Performance Trailer Braking when I inquired about upgrading the brakes and suspension on our Momentum Toy Hauler. Dennis and his assistant, Asher, arrived right on time and got right to work. We had them swap out the factory suspension for the Road Master Comfort Ride slipper spring set up with shocks, Kodiak disc brakes, and Dexter 8k axles.
Super nice guys, very professional and efficient. They did all the above in about 8 hours. Dennis travels the west helping customers upgrade their suspension and braking systems. He also attends RV rallies to do prearranged upgrades.
I highly recommend Dennis of SonChaser RV for any suspension & brake upgrades you may be considering.

Craig R.

Canyonville, OR

"Professional all the Way"

Zack did a great job on the install. Professional all the way.”

Zack May

Oro Valley, AZ

"Professional Job....very patient..."

We had our install (disc brakes and Roadmaster suspension and crossmembers).

Josh and Heather were wonderful! Professional job and they were very patient when we asked “lotsa” questions.

I would highly recommend them to anyone needing service.

Diane Sorantino

Pennsville, NJ

"A Lifesaver"

I just wanted to let you know our installer Dennis Hageman just left. He installed our system some five years ago. Over time the actuator developed a leak...small but concerning nonetheless. Dennis arranged to come deal with it 150 miles from his home. Dennis is a pleasure to work with and highly recommend his expertise. He originally installed our system in 2019 and 3 or 4 cross country trips it's been a lifesaver.

Alex O.

Phoenix, AZ

"PERFORMANCE TRAILER is your trusted source"

If you own an RV with drum brakes and factory suspension system, and you’ve read the reviews and are contemplating a change to upgraded suspension and disc brakes - your decision process should end here. #1 Call PERFORMANCE TRAILER and discuss options. #2 Find the money for this no-brainer upgrade. #3 LetI’mp.m. PERFORMANCE TRAILER guide you through the installation location and process. This is all coming from a couple who have traveled the country, including Canada and Alaska, with a 38’ Fifth Wheel dual axle trailer. As of this writing, I would NEVER purchase another trailer without at minimum an upgrade to Disc Brakes and Roadmaster Suspension. The extra stopping power and smoother ride simple saves your physical trailer, and could (God Forbid) potentially save your life. It’s that important. And PERFORMANCE TRAILER is your trusted source in accomplishing this end. Thanks for reading.

Jim B

Villa Park, IL

"Saved Our Christmas!"

e were traveling through Deming New Mexico on our trip from Rockport, TX to Las Vegas, Nevada for Christmas 2023 with the kids and grandkids. We pulled into a truck stop. Turns out we lost a bearing on the front axle of our Reflection 337RLS. Worse yet, it had ruined the axle, brake pads, brake caliper and of course the bearings.
I called Performance as my last hope of ever getting to Vegas. Michael put me in contact with Dennis Hageman in Kingman Arizona. He had all the parts I needed in stock and said he would load up and be in Deming by 1:00 AM. After a little sleep, he started on the repair at 8:00 AM and had us on the road by noon. Not only did he do a great job replacing the axle, disc brake caliper and bearings, he serviced the other three axles to make sure we would make it to the kids house. He also inspected the suspension and told me that I may have to have some service done on it soon. He saved our Christmas.
Fast forward to March 2024. I ordered the Roadmaster suspension from PTBon Dennis's recommendation. He told me there were other, cheaper, options, but that this was the best. Since he is quite an expert (in my opinion) I am at least smart enough to listen to those in the know. We met him in Kingman on our way back to Las Vegas and had him install the suspension. I watched the entire install and was impressed with the detail and care he took in his job.
Great product, great service, really great people, and true miracle workers.

Tim Homerding

Yuma, AZ

"Happy Campers"

We are back from home from our winter vacation in Florida.

The suspension and disk brake upgrades you all provided works perfectly; it's wonderful actually.

We are very happy campers

Stan Uptagrafft

Hampstead, NH

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