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Axles & Suspension

Get the Right Parts to Secure Your Trailer's Load!

Reserve Load Capacity

Make sure your trailer is properly equipped to handle the weight you're carrying. In addition to making sure you have quality disc brakes and tires, that means making sure you have suitable axles and suspension. Performance Trailer Braking makes it easy to figure it all out.

Axle Specifications & Pricing

Whether you are looking to upgrade your axles, upgrade your brakes, or both, we've got you covered! Do It Yourself or have our installers come to you.

All axle kits come with axle beams, leaf springs, u-bolts, tie plates, and nuts. FREE shipping in the United States.

Please note: all prices are subject to change.

# AxlesAxle LoadLeaf SpringsU-BoltsAxle Kit PriceDisc Brake Kit PriceTotal Price
Double Axle5.2k lbs2.6k lbs, overslung1/2" U-Bolt$930$2,000$2,930
Double Axle6k lbs3k lbs, overslung1/2" U-Bolt$1,100$2,000$3,100
Double Axle7k lbs3.5k lbs, overslung1/2" U-Bolt$1,200$2,495$3,695
Double Axle7.2k lbs4k lbs, overslung1/2" U-Bolt$1,300$2,495$3,795
Double Axle8k lbs4k lbs, overslung9/16" U-Bolt$1,400$2,615$4,015
Triple Axle5.2k lbs2.6k lbs, overslung1/2" U-Bolt$1,395$2,580$3,975
Triple Axle6k lbs3k lbs, overslung1/2" U-Bolt$1,650$2,580$4,230
Triple Axle7k lbs3.5k lbs, overslung1/2" U-Bolt$1,800$3,315$5,115
Triple Axle7.2k lbs4k lbs, overslung1/2" U-Bolt$1,900$3,315$5,215
Triple Axle8k lbs4k lbs, overslung9/16" U-Bolt$2,100$3,475$5,575

Heavy Duty Shackle/Wet Bolt Kits are recommended (see pricing below).

Heavy Duty Shackle/Wet Bolt Kit Pricing

FREE shipping in the United States.

Please note: all prices are subject to change.

# AxlesUsed with the following Suspension SystemPrice w/o Correct TrackPrice w/ Correct Track
Double AxleMORryde SRE 4000$125$175
Triple AxleMORryde SRE 4000$175$200
Double AxleMORryde CRE 3000 & Stock Equaflex w/ 2-1/4" Shackles$125$175
Triple AxleMORryde CRE 3000 & Stock Equaflex w/ 2-1/4" Shackles$200$225
Double AxleStock or Equaflex w/ 3-1/8" Shackles$125$200
Triple AxleStock or Equaflex w/ 3-1/8" Shackles$200$225
Double AxleMORryde LRE$205$225
Triple AxleMORryde LRE$225$365

SRE 3000, SRE 4000, and X-Factor Crossmember Pricing

FREE shipping in the United States.

Please note: all prices are subject to change.

CRE 3000 Double Axle 33" Wheelbase$250
CRE 3000 Double Axle 35" Wheelbase$250
CRE 3000 Triple Axle 33" Wheelbase$575
CRE 3000 Triple Axle 35" Wheelbase$575
SRE 4000 Double Axle 33" Wheelbase$500
SRE 4000 Double Axle 35" Wheelbase$500
SRE 4000 Triple Axle 33" Wheelbase$1,250
SRE 4000 Triple Axle 35" Wheelbase$1,350
X-Factor Crossmember w/o Correct Track$200
X-Factor Crossmember w/ Correct Track$250
X-Factor Crossmember for LRE, RE, or TRE Systems$250

WARNING: These products can expose you to chemicals including lead, DEHP, and ethylbenzene which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

"Wow, what a difference!"

Just finished having Disc Brakes installed yesterday by "Bill" the installer for Performance Brakes. Wow, what a difference! After completing yesterday we left on a 175 mile test journey Read More

Dave Lannoy

NROA Forum Member

"After the Sale..."

Hi Michael,

I would like to thank-you for all the assistance that I received after the sale of the brake conversion Kits. The brakes are working great.

Gordon R

Dansville, NY

"We are happy campers"

Thank you for the professional installation of my new disk brakes. Preston installed them on 12/30/2019 and the next day traveling thru Dallas/Fort Worth we had three occasions to stop Read More

Gil and Sandy Palmer

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