1. You’ve made it to the top.
Let us bring you down safely...
    You’ve made it to the top. Let us bring you down safely...
  2.                             It only takes once.
    It only takes once.
  3. Stopping you up to 50% faster.
    Stopping you up to 50% faster.

Stop Faster and Safer with
Electric over Hydraulic Trailer Disc Brakes

Performance Trailer Braking helps you hit the road safely with electric over hydraulic
trailer disc brake conversion kits from Titan and Kodiak, installation and expert technical support.
Ron Russell is an experienced RV industry veteran of Titan International, manufacturers of Titan trailer disc brakes and Brakerite electric over hydraulic actuators. Contact Ron today with any questions about your conversion.
Call (405) 626-7009 now to get the right parts for your trailer!
Independent tests prove that hydraulic disc brakes will help you stop your trailer faster and safer.
Canadian Standards Tests show the Titan Disc Brake system stopping a 15,500 lb. trailer is 179 feet, using trailer brakes only with no truck brakes applied. This is a 100 ft. shorter stopping distance than using truck and electric trailer brakes!
Eliminate worry and unnecessary wear on your truck. Review our easy to install DIY kits and documentation, or contact Ron today for professional installation—anywhere you are!

Satisfied Customers:

  1. Very great product. I tow a 36' 5th wheel. When I took the trailer in for maintenance, I asked if the shop could do this, they said no. So I called Performance Trailer Braking. In less than a day they changed out the whole system right where I store the 5th wheel and helped me adjust the gain on my Ram truck. No new system needed to be installed on my truck, the factory system worked perfectly! I highly recommend this product and team. Taking the 5th wheel out is much safer now since the trailer and truck stop without pushing/pulling each other.
    Michael Farley, Katy, TX.
  2. I had a complete set of discs added to my last trailer and experienced huge issues...We tried everything, then I took them off and went back to drums. I met with Ron from Performance Trailer Braking and he told me that he was 100% sure the Titans would work on my new Redwood. I now have a few thousand miles on my newly installed Titan Discs and all I can say is WOW !!! For anyone looking to upgrade, look no further. It will be the single best upgrade you can do to a trailer.
    Joe Dombrowski, Bensalem, PA.
  3. I had Performance Trailer Braking Titan discs installed on my Crossroads Cruiser fiver in September. We've been on two trips, and WOW what a difference. Where I always felt the trailer was pushing me, now the rig stops as a single unit. Smooth and strong, and much more confidence than with electric drum brakes. Titan Brakes cures trailer braking pucker factor!
    Jay Six, Arlington, TX.
  4. I met Ron at the Dallas RV show in September and have long been wanting disc brakes on my coach. Dry weight on my 3875 BH is near 15k when fully loaded. We used the kit for 8 lug wheels, 7k or 8 k axles...Great gear, works very well, I love them, the extra stopping power, quick response, peace of mind they are going to be there when I need to STOP! Highly recommend, if you are thinking about Tital disc brakes talk to Ron.
    Tim Searcy, Lindale, TX.
  5. Wow! What a difference in braking. They paid for themselves the first trip south, just outside of Waco.
    Andrew Gray, Full Timer
  6. Just wanted to compliment you on having a great install team. John and his "crew" showed up before 9 a.m. and completely covered our patio slab with cardboard before going about removing our trailer's tires and drum brakes and replacing them with your disk brake system. They worked well as a team and were finished and gone by 2 p.m. after going over the system with me and making sure that it worked with my truck's brakes and the trailer brake controller. They did a very thorough job and were very friendly with us and neighbors who stopped by to see what was going on. They are a real credit to your company. Thank you for a great product and a great team!
    Mike Elliott, Lake Havasu City, AZ
  7. I met Ron over Thanksgiving 2014 in a Palm Desert, Ca. RV Park. At the time we had a 25 ft. bumper pull and instantly became friends. He never pressured me into buying disc brakes, just explained the benefits. In November 2015 we bought a new 40 ft. Landmark and within 2 weeks had rear ended a car. All we needed was an additional 2-3 ft. of stopping distance to avoid the collision. I called Ron and asked if he was going to be in Quartzsite installing disc brakes. He indicated he was and we scheduled an install. What a difference in stopping power! Like Ron said it only takes once to know for sure disc brakes are worth the expense!
    Terry Sprayberry - Full Timer
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